Message for train number display

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This message is sent from the train number managing computer within one station to a stand alone display (local to the station), whenever an update of the displayed content is requested. The information about wether the number shell be displayed upside down or the synchronization of the flashing rythm are not subject of the message.

Message format

The message is based on the 8 byte peer to peer message, as defined in the Loconet Personal Edition. The Opcode is OPC_PEER_XFER=0xE5:
Byte Index 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Mnemonic 0xE5 0x10 SRC DSTL DSTH PXCT1 D1 D2 D3 D4 PXCT2 D5 D6 D7 D8 CHK

Usage of data fields

Mnemonic Usage
SRC not used, set to 0 for "master"
DSTH:DSTL ID of addressed display
PXCT1, PXCT2 Most significant bits of D1..D8 (not used, set to 0)
D1 left most digit
Bit0..Bit3   is the value to be displayed, coding see below
Bit4   is set, if the digit shell flash
Bit5..Bit7   are not used, set to 0
"Left" and "Right" are from the point of view of the user
D2..D5 middle digits
D6 right most digit
D7 =0 normal display (default)
≠0 upside down display (must be enabled in SV 6)
D8 not used, set to 0

Coding of train numbers

This definition is copied from the ZN800 specification (Teilheft 2, Teil 2).
Dez 10 Hex 16 Display Comment
0 0 0 leading zeros are not displayed
1 1 1  
... ... ...  
9 9 9  
10 A n/a AA is start word telegram
11 B n/a BB is end word of telegram
12 C L LZB indicator
13 D E Error digit (can occur, when number gets imported from relay based train discriber)
14 E F Prefix for error numbers or part of an availability notice
15 F   Space, fills unused digits
Color usage:
Color Meaning
  green   used to represent train numbers
  gray   legal values that likely will not show up on a model railroad version
  red   unused values
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