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BMC: Requirements

This shall be a short description of the requirements of a BMC (Bus Monitoring Computer) for Loconet© and Lotusnet.


  • Sending the whole stream of data on the bus as a raw stream to a PC via serial port.
  • For every byte of data adding an error status
  • For every byte of data or every error detected adding a time tag with a resolution of 10µS, if possible
  • Detecting as much errors as possible.


Some ideas are present, but a lot of items are missing up to now.


I prepared first proposal based on an AtmelAVR Mega162. I just took this controller, because I think, it will be a good solution, to work with two USART, one for receiving the Loconet data and the other for sending the data to a PC. I think we have to use HW-USART to be sure, that we will get everything on the LN.

For the first development phase I will use one of my PROT_128. [BA050817]


First step

Please feel free to add more requirements and some ideas for realization.[BA050813]