FREMO Interlocking
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General Items

This chapter describes all those items common to Elekdra MR.
The items belonging to all or a specific subsystem are described in the chapter Subsystems.

In the first subchapters, the specification of Elekdra is described.


Background information

Here you will find some background information, which may be necessary to understand, why we use exactly that solution and no any of those other probably equivalent or even better solutions.


T. Kurz started developing a interlocking system long before he met FREMO. At that time, he started teh development of the first interlocking system with Visual Basic. As his knowledge in programming increased, he decided to stop the project, and start it again with the language Java. He started the development of Elekdra in Summer 2004 for himself. As he met some members of FREMO in autumn 2004 and introduced them to the project, he made it open source.


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