FREMO Interlocking
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General Items

This chapter describes all those items common to the FStw.
The items belonging to all or a specific subsystem are described in the chapter Subsystems.


Background information

Here you will find some background information, which may be necessary to understand, why we use exactly that solution and no any of those other probably equivalent or even better solutions.


If are looking a the innovation in modular modellrailroading as we us it in the FREMO, there is (at least) one important item missing: a interlocking system suitable for the special needs in a modular design.


Our first big step towards an interlocking, was the development of the famous "FREMO Streckenblock". Here we took a lot of decisions for our future use, e.g. Atmel AVR as controller mainline, LotusNet as internal bus system, RS422 as connection between two blocks. For more information see there (German pages).

The next big step was/is the development of a train describer "ZNF800", because this makes a block really usefully. See there.


getting better.;-) [BA].