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This is a name for using LocoNet© as a local station net. It is an abbreviation for "Local train utility and security network".

Module LotusNet with "Firewire" connector

This connector is used between modules for connection of turnouts, signals and similar external components of a signal tower. Commercial Firewire cables can be used. We use the power lines for power and connect all four data pins of Firewire together for Loconet. This is the view into the open socked as used on devices:

LocoNet   6 |   | 5   LocoNet
LocoNet   4 |   | 3   LocoNet
GND   2 |   | 1   Vcc (e.g. +12V=)

5V LotusNet

The idea is to use this inside a module or inside a console, where short wire runs are used. The 5V LotusNet is derived from the Loconet© and must be connected to it at one single point, for instance at a CU based on a Proto_128, For this electrical connection see the schematic of Proto_128. It uses a 10 pin pin header for easy use.
Pin out, 100mil grid:

1 2   LocoNet Send, TTL level inverted
3 4   LocoNet Receive, TTL level
5 6   Gnd
7 8   Vcc (+5V=)
9 10   reserved for future use

Simply crimp some 10 pin pinhead connector to a 10 wire AWG28 flat cable and your Lotusnet bus is complete. To connect more of them, put some 10 pin pin header to a breadboard.

A single level shifter to adapt the TTL lines to the real LocoNet and a 5V voltage regulator has to be presend in the module. This "logistics" board connects

  • the real LocoNet and power wires between modules
  • the module internal devices that are connected by this 5V LotusNet wireing

Common connectors

A version using fire wire connectors is under discussion. [BA]

The idea is to connect signals and other devices with limited supply requirements with this type of connector TBD [SBor].