FREMO Interlocking
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System architecture

Architectural overview on the interlocking system.

Short description of the components:

  • ECx: This is an Element Controller. The EC controls one or more elements, such as turnouts, signals, ... They are also used for interfacing the user interface. Therefore there will be a couple of specialized EC within one interlocking system.
  • BCx: These Block Controller are actually realized by the "FREMO Streckenblock". They do not only transfer all the block information, they are the communication backbone between to stations.
  • CCx: These Communication Controller are responsible for the communication to all those strange protocols, which are not part of the LotusNet and its protocols, eg RS232, USB, ...
  • CUx: The Central Unit(s) is the master of disaster. In relatively simple interlocking systems the CU will do the whole interlocking logic, in more complicated systems the CU will be only part of the whole logic. We'll have to keep an eye on this item!
  • LotusNet: This is the backbone of the FStw. All communication between all the elements will be performed by the LotusNet.

For more detailed description, please look at the appropriate (sub)chapters, as they are available.