ZLV-Bus over TCP/IP

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This emulates the ZLV-Bus with a TCP server.

TCP Server

The Server accepts connections from clients that implement a train discriber ("Unterstation"). Any message that is received by the server is propagated to all clients except the original sender.
You can download the last version of this software here: http://www.bmertins.de/FREMO/ZN.zip

Old Protocol

This was invented by Moritz Hebert, when he started to write his software.

New Protocol

This was invented by Bodo Mertins, after having some problems with the old protocol.
Each telegram has the following form:
identifier : telegram data <CR><LF>


Mnemonic Usage
ZLV a ZLV telegram similar to prototype form, details see below
UHR time message
ID welcome message of a client

ZLV telegram

The structure of the telegram follows the prototype from the ZN800 specification but uses some simplifications.

Example of a ZLV telegram in the new protocol

ZLV : 04 02 3_4711 04 _201 <CR><LF>
identifier : US number ZN telegram number train number
3: guide number
_: blank
4711: train number
US number track number
if you use less then 4 digits, use leading blanks
terminal symbol
'_' is used here to really mean a blank, which is encoded with ASCII code 32, not the underscore
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