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Elekdra MB

Elekdra MR: Electronic interlocking system for model railways

Elekdra MR is electronic interlocking system (EIS), which is specially concepted for the model railway sector. For this purpose, elekdra should also meet the special requirements in module railway systems.

What is Elekdra?

Elekdra is the logical component within a Station. That means, that within elekdra all rules are checked, which ensure a save operation of the trains. Elekdra provides the possibility to switch elements like turnouts, but even gives the possibility tho operate the station with routes. At every operation the user does, all rules are cheked, if this operation meets the goal of save operation.

Elekdra provides no interface to the user for itself, but ther is one universal interface, which gives the possibility, to use different user interfaces. This opens the possibility, that a station can be controled with a button interface, but even with an application on a PC. It is even possible to control the station from a different place.

Because of the use on LotusNet, elekdra ensures the use of commercial component decoders for elements just like turnouts.

To ensure the useage within module railways, elekdra is designed for lightweight and fast changes to other requirements.

Common Information

Here we will provide common information.

Developer Documentation

The whole developer documentation will be written in english language. This will be the contribute to the "E" in FREMO and to all the other people, who are interested in our project.

General items

All those items, which are common to the whole interlocking, will be collected here, eg system architecture, background information ...


Subsystems, which are used to ensure or improve the function of the project.

User Documentation

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